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Stategy is built for business like yours.
With useful features, an intuitive interface and modular implementation.


Manage business finances in multiple currencies, tracking purchases, sales, quotations and margins.


Customer relationships can be key to business sucsess. Through integrating an intelligent database, you are able to easily track all communications with customers.

Project Management

All-in-one project management system allows you to track internal or external projects, attaching relevant records along the way (e.g. PO, Invoice, Quotes).


If you're in the business of manufacturing, you know how hard it can be to track inventory, bills of materials and purchase orders. Combine all of this with project scheduling in one place.


Do you sell online? Avoid inventory discrepancy issues though using a single platform to manage inventory, your website and online sales; all connected to your accounting.


As our company name suggests, we understand the importance of business insight. Build custom reports allowing you to unlock new knowlege about your business operations.


Tracking the incoming inventory can be challenging. Stategy allows you to connect your Manufacturing, Inventory and Accounting modules to your procurement space. Allowing you to takje advantage of automated purchase orders.

Phone System

Are you still using legacy phone lines in your business? Stategy allows you the ability to add phone lines to your employees accounts, fully integrating into your ERP


Manage your businesses shipping from the same platform, automating the pick, pack and ship processes. Leverage the ability to automatically create shipping labels and streamline your processes.

HR Management

Employee management can be done within a dedicated HR portal, allowing you to give granular access to employee information.


Any successful marketing campaign includes the aility to track ROI. Easily track links, promotional code usage and link them directly back to the accounting expense.

Document Management

Do you struggle to keep on top of document versions, revisions and approvals? Manage all of your company documents through the same platform, with intelligent searching, digital scanning and signing.

Industries Served

Digital Services





Restaurants & Hospitality


Warehousing & Logistics


Every business is different, we start by meeting with you to understand your specific business needs.


Using the documentation generated in discover, we will customize your Stategy enviroment to your business.

Testing & Training

Finally, the system is tested to ensure optimal efficiency. before training your team on how to use the new system.


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