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Choose Your Path to Efficiency

At Stategy, we're breaking the mold of traditional business software agreements. Our pioneering approach frees you from the shackles of long-term contracts, offering all our sophisticated tools on a flexible, monthly basis. This commitment ensures businesses of all sizes can harness the power of our platform with the freedom to adapt as they grow, without the worry of lock-in contracts—a true revolution in accessibility and empowerment for our clients.


Stategy Starter

$99Flat Fee, Per month

Ideal for startups.

12+ Integrated Toolkits
Custom Branded Mobile App
Email Marketing Campaigns
100GB File Storage
Upgrade at any time

Stategy Pro

$199Flat Fee, Per month

Designed for small teams.

Everything in Stategy Starter +
Autoresponder Drip Marketing
Dynamic Proposals Toolkit
Custom Folder Generators
Advanced Custom Menus
Deal Stage Pipelines
Client-Side Live Chat
Total of 500GB File Storage
Up/Downgrade at any time

Stategy Scale

$299Flat Fee, Per month

Designed for growing businesses.

Everything in Stategy Pro +
Task Dependency Logic
FLOWs Automation Toolkit
Trigger/Action Automations
LMS Learning Management
Support Tickets Toolkit
Total of 2TB File Storage
Downgrade at any time

Frequently Asked

How does the 14-Day Free Trial work?

No matter which free trial option you select, you’ll experience the full capabilities of our Stategy Scale plan during your 14-day trial, no credit card required and with zero obligation or contracts of any kind.

Each new user begins with a complimentary trial of the Stategy Scale plan, offering a comprehensive taste of our platform’s capabilities, including custom domain and login screen options. Note that the marketing autoresponders feature is exclusive to our paid plans.

When you decide that you’ll keep using Stategy, you can select any plan you wish at that time.

Additional storage is now simpler and more flexible with Stategy, at just $5 per month for every 250GB. Need more space? Just scale up as required—for instance, an extra 1TB is just $20 more each month on your subscription. To increase your storage, simply reach out to us at

To modify your plan, simply submit a ticket with your company’s legal name, or email us at with your request. This process ensures a smooth transition, whether you’re upgrading or downgrading your service.


We offer personalized setup services for all our clients to ensure a seamless transition to Stategy. For a tailored experience, we encourage you to speak with our sales team who can provide a no-obligation quote for setting up Stategy according to your business needs.

Absolutely! We believe in empowering our clients with the knowledge to fully utilize Stategy. Custom training sessions are available upon request. Contact our team to discuss training options tailored specifically for your team’s requirements.

Yes, you can certainly choose to set up Stategy by yourself. Our platform is designed with user-friendliness in mind, complete with detailed guides and support resources to facilitate your self-setup process. This option allows you the flexibility to get up and running at your own pace.